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Fund the development

Do you enjoy using this music player?

All the work done here, development of Harmonoid (for all platforms), this website & other necessary maintenance takes quite a lot of time & effort.

There are no ads anywhere, neither any pay-wall. Your support can ensure:

  • Development of new & planned features.
  • Quick fixes to bugs.
  • Existence of this website.
  • Support for more platforms.
  • My happiness & feeling of being recognized for the hard-work.


List of awesome people funding the development through Patreon or GitHub Sponsors:


Harmonoid is primarily built for Windows & Linux (currently).

Please report bugs if you find any, it's the only way to improve & continue the goal of building a fluid music experience for all.



Any modern Linux distribution.
Ubuntu / Debian [.deb]
Raw Executable [.tar.gz]
Fedora / Red Hat Linux [.rpm]
You also need mpv & libmpv-dev installed.
For Ubuntu/Debian:
sudo apt install mpv libmpv-dev
sudo dpkg -i harmonoid-linux-x86_64.deb
Same must be done on your favorite distribution.
1. AUR package is also available. It is maintained by @tjquillan. Go & follow him on GitHub! You can vote for this package on AUR to show your support.
2. Thanks to @prateekmedia for bundling Debian & RPM packages.
3. You can install Harmonoid using Pacstall aswell.


Windows 7 or later.
Setup Installer
Portable ZIP
winget install harmonoid
Setup Installer is recommended as it automatically links with files & file explorer context menus.
1. Thanks to @raitonoberu for bundling INNO setup.
1. Thanks to @mytja for initiating the winget releases.


Android 5.0 or greater.
Get it on Google Play

You do not have the rights to re-distribute the app. See EULA for more details.

You might need to disable popups in some rare cases, depending upon browser.

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